Ethan and Javi

Ethan 3, diagnosed with PDD-NOS, and older brother Javi, 8, diagnosed with Autism. Ethan is quiet, but very caring and sensitive friend. He's always there to lend a helping hand. He enjoys cooking and is usually the first to line up and help in the kitchen. He loves to snuggle with his little sister, Kaylee 16 months. Javi, loves to talk! He was a late talker, starting out around age four, but is still trying to make up for lost time. His favorite past times are playing video games, drawing and reading. He loves to craft things with his hands and he LOVES to eat. Stark contrast from his younger days, when we swore he got most of his nutrition from juice! Both boys attend public school, Ethan in an integrated ASD preschool and Javi, was promoted from ASD classes to Non Severely Handicapped, Special Day classes.
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