This is a picture of me and my son, Hayden. Hayden has mild autism and was diagnosed in 2006. I am a very busy woman taking care of him, his biomedical treatment, researching autism, blogging, writing a book, working with an agent, and taking care of the rest of my family. Check out my blog sometime.
Autism's Bitch



This is Bobby; he is 19 and autistic. He also had a stroke at the age of 9. He has made tremendous strides from being almost entirely nonverbal to being very social at the day center he goes to for special needs folks. Here he is talking to both his girlfriend and best friend, trying to manage two conversations at once. He also has two younger sisters, both of whom are on the spectrum, as well. They have never been silent, so perhaps they have been rubbing off on him.
Countering Age of Autism
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Christopher Elf

Hi my name is Christopher Elf. I am from Douglasville Georgia. I am 35 years old and my birthday is January 28 1974. I am a locale celebrity know as Christopher Elf or Parade Kid. I have some autism like with a hard time with spelling out words and getting upset real easy and sometimes a like of understanding by other people. I live with my parents at home. Every year I participate in the annual parades in my hometown of Douglasville Georgia. I look for forward to thus parades every year. In the parades I am always wearing one of my elf outfits. I love the annual parades in Douglasville that’s why they call me Parade Kid. This year I am going to be the annual 2009 Douglasville 4th of July parade and 2009 Labor Day parade.
Christopher Elf


Lily Oscar Zoe and Sam

Here is a picture of my wonderful herd. It is the first time I was able to get them all together and looking at the camera at the same time! Lily, Oscar ,Zoe, and Sam (my boys are on the spectrum-autism and p.d.d.(nos)
Autism Herd
Kicking Kittens