Curtis is 7 years old and turning 8 in January. He is diagnosed with classic autism and ADHD combined type (Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit). His hobbies include doing artwork, math, reading, video games and basketball. He is from Maine in the U.S.A.

Drawing Roads


Brandon and His Dog Gene

This is Brandon, age 13 with his new puppy Gene. He named his pet after Gene Simmons of Kiss. Brandon participates in the Special Olympics and is is a gold medal winner in sprinting, softball throw, soccer, unified bowling and cross country skiing.

He also enjoys horseback riding with the Michigan State University therapeutic horseback riding program. He loves to read, play video games, and swim. He's fully included at his intermediate school as a 8th grader. Brandon made the year-long honor roll last year and has continued to make the honor roll this year.


C1 and his mom, Julie L.

Greetings from the state of Washington. My name is Julie. This is my first post since taking over administrative duties of this blog from Casdok, who is still operating her blog at Mother of Shrek. Thank you Casdok, for this opportunity.

Pictured with me is my oldest son C1, 13, who was diagnosed with Autism when he was six. He has been busy adjusting to a huge move from Michigan to Washington that occurred in March 2010.  He’d like to move back to his home state, but  is doing well with homeschooling, and is learning new things all the time. His dad, a Michigan State fan was quite dismayed when C1 recently declared the University of Michigan as his favorite college football team, and Hail to the Victors his favorite song. He's been going to college football games since age 7.
Swimming and playing games on his Nintendo 3DS are some of his favorite activities.  He also loves spending time with his eight-year-old brother, me and his dad. Going places (museums, the grocery store, post office, and Hawaii!!, for example) tops his list of favorite things to do too.

Autism blog


Aaron and Adam

Aaron and Adam are my inspiration. They were diagnosed with Autism three years ago. Every day I am thankful that they are in my life and that I'm able to share in theirs.




This is Button, he has ASD, CP and Congenital CMV. He makes us proud every single day.



Caydon is four, just recently diagnosed with Aspergers and has SPD and seizure disorder. He adores dinosaurs, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs. On the slight occasion, he'll show interest in pirates or space (very rare though). He's accomplished a lot in his life, as he lost his words at 2 and can now make 8 word sentences. He can light up a room with his laughter and mastered roar.




Roger 11 years old. Autism and Executive Functioning Disorder.




Here is my son Kody he is 6 yrs old. He is funny, charming and our little proffesor.
He has aspergers.



I'm Emperor and I have a Hello Kitty Party DS game. I am nine and I am homeschooled. How I figured out I was autistic was I went to a doctor's office and then I told my brothers that I was autistic like them.

Emperor And Etc.