Maximilion 15 years. Loves swimming preferably in the sea, trains, basketball, football, paddle tennis, walking, music, books, magazines, washing machines and giving hugs.
Diagnosis ... 4 different labels! As parents we only have one label "The joy of our lives".


Noah and Eden

Noah is 8 years old. Eden is 6 years old. Both have been diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Noah loves Star Wars, video games, and Legos. Eden loves books, music, and all things pink. They bring so much joy into my life!
Life on our side of the spectrum



Thomas has autism. He is a middle schooler (6th grade) and just finished his 2nd year of football.



" William is a 4 year old With ASD. He Loves to snuggle. He likes trains, Cars and To Color. He Just started school in September. He has come so far so fast. I'm very proud of him and I wouldn't change the way he is for anything else in the entire world. He is my Heart.."

Little Saint

"Little Saint is our magic. He is our light, our laughter, our insight, our perspective. He has shown us love and life in a way we would have never know. He touches everyone he comes in contact with. His loves are his family, trains and airplanes...firetrucks, police cars, ambulances, and of course birthdays."
General Hysteria


Ethan and Javi

Ethan 3, diagnosed with PDD-NOS, and older brother Javi, 8, diagnosed with Autism. Ethan is quiet, but very caring and sensitive friend. He's always there to lend a helping hand. He enjoys cooking and is usually the first to line up and help in the kitchen. He loves to snuggle with his little sister, Kaylee 16 months. Javi, loves to talk! He was a late talker, starting out around age four, but is still trying to make up for lost time. His favorite past times are playing video games, drawing and reading. He loves to craft things with his hands and he LOVES to eat. Stark contrast from his younger days, when we swore he got most of his nutrition from juice! Both boys attend public school, Ethan in an integrated ASD preschool and Javi, was promoted from ASD classes to Non Severely Handicapped, Special Day classes.
G5 Family



Here is Jaden at the beach - TOTALLY in his element! 8 years old – Asperger’s
Jaden is an amazing artist & LOVES the water! He’s an excellent swimmer & has an unbelievable imagination! He has 2 younger sisters & 2 older brothers, but is the only one with ASD – he knows, that’s what makes him special! Jaden attends public school & is doing very well in 2nd grade this year! He teaches his parents so much about the world around us…I can’t imagine life any other way!
The Skates Family 7