Joy is a four-year-old bundle of affectionate energy, who runs like the wind and lights the room with her smiles. Though she's not saying more than a word or two these days, she loves peek and chase games and hugs and kissies. Autism and epilepsy are part of the package, but they don't keep anyone in our family from immensely enjoying life, least of all Joy herself!

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Holden and Ashton

My son Holden, age 6 and Ashton, age 9 who is Autistic. Recently went GFCF and along with some behavioral meds is doing wonderfully! My guys are best friends and it shows in their smiles! They adore one another, even when they don't think they do! Holden, our 6year old is the single greatest thing we did for Ashton - he's brought Ashton out of his shell and made him a part of OUR world.
I can has Autism


Andrea and Brandon

"My 2 angels with Autism....they are blessed to have eachother and I am blessed to have them...they have a unique perspective into this life people could learn from"



Caroline, PDD-NOS.
Still non-verbal, but has made great strides in lots of areas since doing diet (SCD).
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Spencer, Alex and Harry

Spencer, Alex and Harry. 15 years old triplets.
Autistic and non-verbal
They love trains, music and computers!
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Bev and Squawkers

A rarely seen shot of Bev and Squawkers.



Mac, age 11 Asperger's Syndrome.
Loves trains, the 60's and birthdays.
Dreams of being a hippie



"Nigel turns 14 this month. He loves waterfalls, cats, movies, and Lego."



This is my precious little guy, Jonathan. Diagnosed at 2, he was 1 point from "severe" on the ADOS. Today he is fully included in general ed. He has responded well to therapies and as much love as a little boy could get. We feel so blessed that he's in our lives.


Cuddlebug, Bearhug & Little Bitty

Bearhug and Cuddlebug, my 7-yr-old identical twins, each have autism and sensory processing disorder. They were diagnosed at age 3. They are amazing boys who are each talented in math, reading, art, and science, and they are both great at remembering things. Cuddlebug loves to design and build things, and Bearhug loves to play and design games.
Little Bitty is 3 1/2 yrs old, he was diagnosed on the spectrum at age 2.He's a bright little boy who enjoys puzzles and books. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Blue's Clues, and he loves to dance! He's really into numbers and counts everything in sight. He likes to "read" calendars, which reminds me a lot of his big brothers!

I love our boys more than life itself, they are each beautiful inside andout, with smiles that warm my heart and laughs that you can't help but laugh along with :).



Liam will be three on the 16th of October and will be starting public school! Every time I turn around he is not only learning something new but teaching something new to those around him. He loves kisses, coloring, wrestling with his little sister, and singing songs. Autism? Is something I'm thankful for. It's made him who he is and he? Is perfect.



"Jaymes is 4, and has moderate to severe Autism. He is brilliant, can undo locks and ride a horse, but he is still working on the basics, like talking and functioning in the world. He is our special little guy, and every day he brings us smiles, laughs, and a huge amount of pride in the many things he accomplishes."



My name is Mickie and I have Regressive Autism. I'm working really hard to regain what I lost.


Ryder, Mason and Hunter

Hi My name is Ryder. I am five years old. I was diagnosed with classic Autism at age three. I have two older brothers with PDD-NOS and one older sister. I love to give BIG squeezes to everyone I meet. My mom says sometimes I squeeze too hard! But most people love to get a hug. Everyday I pretend to whisper in my mom's ear. someday I hope my words will come because I have so much to say!
Hi My name is Mason and I am 8 years old. I have PDD-NOS. My brothers are Ryder and Hunter and they also have autism. I love to play video games, draw hidden pictures, and go to speech therapy. I am in 2nd grade and I've had the same teacher since kindergarten. My teacher says I've come a long way.

Hi My name is Hunter and I am 9 years old. I have PDD-NOSl My brothers also have autism. I love to draw and I have contributed my art to Art Now for Autism and Kindtree.org. I play the piano by ear and I love anything dramatic!




Hi there, My name is Clee and I have a severe form of autism. I'm a beautiful, loving non-verbal six year old who loves to swing, splash water, and eat tons of candy. I'm adored by my mom, dad, older sister, and younger brother. I adore them too.
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Joshua Muggleton

"Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult"
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C is my favorite boy in the whole world!
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Laurie and Kayla

Laurie is 7 and was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (leaning towards Asperger’s) at age 3.
Kayla is 4 and has Down syndrome and was additionally diagnosed with moderate Autism at age 3 (that’s the magic age, isn’t it?). She is completely nonverbal and uses photos to communicate.


Raiyan Omar, 5. Diagnosed with ASD 9 months ago. Verbal but working on language development. Attends year 1 in mainstream school and coping so far! Loves loves animals and wishes he can go to the zoo everyday!

Our Peaceful Journey With Autism



This is Caleb. He is 7 years old and diagnosed ASD with global delays. He is my teacher, my sunshine, my friend, and one of my greatest gifts.


Daniel is 5. He loves to draw, look at books and play computer games. He loves all animals. Daniel is homeschooled and is a happy boy!
A Celebration Of Our Journey.