Kai is six years old and was diagnosed with autism shortly after he turned two. His intelligence and fun-loving personality, so well hidden when he was first diagnosed, has now blossomed. He loves math, planets, the human body, and laughing.

Hanabi Boy



Trevor is a happy 5 year old who was just diagnosed with autism a few days ago.
He loves dinosaurs, drawing, trains, and playing video games on pbskids.org.
He just started kindergarten and is in a mainstream classroom with the aid of a teachers assistant.
He has a wonderful imagination and always keeps us laughing.

The Scenic Route


This is Lola. She was diagnosed with autism at the age of 20 months. Lola loves to laugh, always has a smile on her face and is the silliest princess you will ever meet! She has the most genuine smile and gives fabulous hugs. She is a big fan of music and can match anything under the sun. Lola has taught us all that faith can move mountains. Lola keeps life interesting.



Griffin Blaise was diagnosed at age 18 months but started Early Intervention at age 15 months. He is now in a mainstream classroom at age 8 years. His speech is still delayed but he is making great progress. Griffin loves to draw as he is very creative and imaginative and he is a jovial kind of guy who loves to laugh. He is a wildlife expert, he even got an award at camp for it.




Rory is our happy 4 yr old son. He was diagnosed with autism at 3 yrs old. He loves to stay moving! He has an amazing imagination and is over the moon about trains. Rory has recently begun speaking in complete sentences which is amazing since he stopped speaking at 2 completely! We also have 2 other "typical" children so it is definitely a wild ride

We've got Animal trouble


Ciara and Shamus

Ciara is the most precious 18 month old little girl. She has a lot of great skills but since she is so young she has a long way to go.
Shamus is the most handsome almost 3 year old little boy. He is starting to sign and trying to say words. In the last month he has made leaps.
Shamus and Ciara are both so loving not just to other people but to each other. They seem to have their own way of communicating with each other.