Samuel is almost 10 years old (furthest right in the photo). He has 2 brothers and a sister who are 11, 6, and 3. I am so glad that they have each other. Oldest brother is a go-kart racer and it is my hope that the entire family can take part in this hobby in the coming years. We have a built in pit crew in our family! Samuel loves playing on the computer and watching You Tube videos. His current favorites are videos about Playstation and the history of video games.



Fletcher is 3 and a half and was diagnosed with autism 5 months ago. He can say about 50 words that we can understand but his favourites are ' wassup?' 'it's ok' and 'so so sorry'. He loves to play outside on the trampoline and in the cubby, with trains, cars and balls. He loves to play Wii with his Dad and big brother Lachlan, while baby sister Mackenzie and Mum clap and cheer.



"Secondo just turned three and was diagnosed with autism several months ago. He loves school buses, fire engines, Nutella and bananas, and has the most contagious giggle in the world."



Iberico is 10 years old and has classic autism. Iberico doesn't have much to say, so our world is full of what doesn't have to be said. He and his little brother are the love of our lives and we are so grateful for them.
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