Ryder, Mason and Hunter

Hi My name is Ryder. I am five years old. I was diagnosed with classic Autism at age three. I have two older brothers with PDD-NOS and one older sister. I love to give BIG squeezes to everyone I meet. My mom says sometimes I squeeze too hard! But most people love to get a hug. Everyday I pretend to whisper in my mom's ear. someday I hope my words will come because I have so much to say!
Hi My name is Mason and I am 8 years old. I have PDD-NOS. My brothers are Ryder and Hunter and they also have autism. I love to play video games, draw hidden pictures, and go to speech therapy. I am in 2nd grade and I've had the same teacher since kindergarten. My teacher says I've come a long way.

Hi My name is Hunter and I am 9 years old. I have PDD-NOSl My brothers also have autism. I love to draw and I have contributed my art to Art Now for Autism and Kindtree.org. I play the piano by ear and I love anything dramatic!