Hi All.I am a very proud Mom to Deqlan, aged 3 and a half years! We are from Gauteng in South Africa.
He was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma, 25 May 2007, a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system at the age of 8 months. He went through 11 rounds of chemotherapy , 6 surgeries and procedures, more scans and blood and urines tests we could count, and he was declared to have NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE on 16 Jan 2008!
Praise Our Lord, 25 months NED!
Just after Deqlan started chemotherapy we noticed he stopped saying Mama and stopped giving us the pictures of animals, he knew quite well. Then went the eye contact and Deqlan became fascinated with fans and tried to spin everything from car wheels to egg lifters.
On 25 Oct 2008, Deqlan was diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum.
We are currently treating Deqlan biomedically and seeing fantastic results. He is on a Gluten Casein Sugar Soya Yeast free diet and on variety of supplements and vitamins, as well as candida treatment. After being on this protocol for 1 year, his language has gone from 2 words this time last year to over 200. His eye contact is fantastic, he has stopped lining things up, he has stopped spinning himself in circles, he has started taking interest in certain people.
He adores cars and Thomas the train and friends. Deqlan loves saying the alphabet and counting! He has even started singing songs and pointing at things!
He is attending a wonderful school specialising for kids on the autism spectrum, and loving every moment of being there! He is also in speech and occupational therapy and swimming lessons.
We look forward to waking up each day with Deqlan as we know we are going to be blessed by each moment with Deqlan. Our lives have changed in the most wonderful way , our priorities are clearer then ever before, all the things that don’t matter we let go of.
We couldn’t be prouder, we absolutely love and adore our gorgeous gift from God, Deqlan Ross.
God Bless, lovely to meet you all